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Wedding Cakes

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What style of Cake?

An Organic Chocolate Cake Company wedding cake is unique in many ways. We are the longest established Organic Cake Maker in Great Britain, and we are totally bespoke. This means that all of our cakes and decorations are hand nade, and our styles are continually evolving. We are innovators as opposed to imitators.

DISCOUNT: These are available to people who do a valuable job in the community, yet receive a relatively low wage. We can also trade services in lieu of money. Details on application.

Complete Package

This price includes virtually every style of cake shown
in our gallery. It also includes full delivery and set-up
- we will decorate the entire cake table, and the price includes the hire of the knife and cake stand. If you decide to have one of our unique logs as a stand, this
will be included in the price and also kept by the bride and groom after their big day!

Also covered is arranging all of the necessary details with the venue, caterers and florist. We will provide
a cake-cutting and keeping guide for them on request.

In other words, the 'complete packages' covers the entire process, leaving you with absolutely nothing to deal with!

Please note: This price will incur an extra charge for delivery outside the Greater Bristol area. Details upon application.

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Information on our Pricing:

Established for the last 23 years, The Organic Chocolate Cake Company has been, and still is the only chocolate cake company in the whole of the UK who can claim to be 100% organic – certified by the Organic Standard Soil Association.

We are very proud of this status as we have to maintain very high standards to retain this, and this is reflected in our prices.

Having spent years establishing our product, we believe that the attention to detail and service we provide our customers with, is second to none.

All cake makers with an open pricing policy are being affected by those who do not display their prices. Their policy is to undercut the highest quote, usually by 10%. We think this is a sharp practice, and wish to bring it to your attention.

Enjoy looking at our competitors, many of whom are friends of mine. Do they show their prices on their website, or do they ask you how much you have been quoted by others prior to giving you a price?

We never compromise and believe in fair competition.

Have a great organic day.

Dominic Vyvyan-Jones


Price Lists:


single tier cakes

portions: 40 70 100 140 height
collected: £210 £280 £350 £420 6"
collected (extra tall): £250 £340 £420 £510 12"
complete package: £320 £390 £480 £600 6"
complete package
(extra tall):
£360 £450 £560 £690 12"

2 tier cakes
portions: 60 80 100 135 170 height
collected: £370 £460 £580 £710 £880 11"
collected (extra tall): £490 £540 £690 £840 £1050 18"
complete package: £510 £630 £750 £900 £1060 11"
complete package
(extra tall):
£580 £710 £710 £1040 £1230 18"

3 tier cakes
portions: 70 90 110 125 165 200 height
collected: £560 £680 £780 £880 £1050 £1200 16"
collected (extra tall): £660 £810 £940 £1050 £1250 £1440 24"
complete package: £660 £810 £940 £1050 £1230 £1380 16"
complete package
(extra tall):
£770 £940 £1100 £1200 £1430 £1500 24"

The Organic Chocolate Cake Company, Bristol

GB Organic Certification 5

A Memento

To remind you of the day, we also supply boxed silver bridal knives, which we will engrave with your names, for a bargain £30.00

Our chocolate cake also makes a fantastic pudding (see Questions? page).


Our Newest Innovation

We are currently designing cakes up to 1 metre in height. If you are interested please give us a call - we may be able to offer you a discount in return for helping us to expand our new portfolio.


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